Sage Science develops products to improve sample preparation workflows for genomic sequencing (NGS) and protein analysis. Sage Science developed the Pippin Prep and BluePippin preparative electrophoresis systems for targeted size selection of biomolecules. The Pippin platform has since established itself as a key platform for the construction of high-quality libraries for next-generation sequencing. In 2014, Sage Science released a new electrophoresis platform, the SageELF, for whole sample fractionation of DNA or proteins, and the PippinHT. Sage Science products are acknowledged as a critical and standard part of most NGS workflows.

Systems for prep and size selection for NGS and Protein analysis

SageHLS HMW Library System

For extraction, reaction and size selection


High throughput size selection for NGS

Blue Pippin

DNA size selection for NGS with pulsed field

Pippin Prep

DNA size selection for NGS (100bp – 1.5kb)


Whole sample fractionation of DNA or protein

Pippin Pulse

Pulsed-field power for gel boxes

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