Quanterix has developed an ultra-sensitive diagnostic platform capable of measuring individual proteins at concentrations 1000 times lower than the best immunoassays available today. The Single Molecule Array (Simoa™) technology at the heart of the platform enables the detection and quantification of biomarkers previously difficult or impossible to measure, opening up new applications to address significant unmet needs in life science research, in-vitro diagnostics, companion diagnostics, blood screening, and more. Quanterix is the exclusive licensee of a broad intellectual property portfolio initially developed at Tufts University by Dr. David Walt, scientific founder of Quanterix and Illumina.

High sensitivity (up to 1000x std ELISA) single molecule Immunoassay systems.

Simoa HD-X Analyzer: The world’s most sensitive, fully automated immunoassay platform with multiplexing and custom assay capability

SR-X: Benchtop biomarker detection system

Biomarker Assay Kits: Portfolio of ready assay kits in many therapeutics’ areas

Custom Kits: Quanterix and you can develop an assay for your biomarkers

Lab Services: Let Quanterix develop, perform and prove your assays.

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