Parse Biosciences Inc., based in Seattle WA, is providing researchers with the ability to perform single cell sequencing with unprecedented scale and ease.  This latest innovation in single cell genomics allows for unprecedented scale without the limitations of microfluidic droplet-based approaches.

Single cell sequencing has already enabled ground-breaking discoveries which have led to new understandings of cancer treatment, tissue repair, stem cell therapy, kidney and liver disease, brain development, and the immune system. Parse Biosciences has introduced pioneering technology using combinatorial cDNA barcoding within cells themselves, without a need for cell partitioning instruments.  Demonstrating the clear ability to scale, Parse Bio has recently introduced their Evercode Mega Assay for uniquely coding up to a million cells per sample.

The Next Evolution of Single Cell

The Parse Evercode™ single-cell technology enables all scales of experiments without the limitations of today's microfluidics approaches.

  • Single Cell at Any Scale
  • Run Samples on Your Schedule
  • No Instruments Required
  • Unmatched Sensitivity

Parse Biosciences kits take your cell or nuclei suspension to sequencing, include a data analysis package to visualize your results, and a dedicated technical applications team to drive your success. They provide the tools you need to answer your challenging research questions.



Evercode Whole Transcriptome

  • WT Mini
  • WT
  • WT Mega

Evercode TCR

  • TCR Mini
  • TCR
  • TCR Mega

Gene Capture

Data Analysis


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