NanoEnTek develops innovative products of life science research and point-of-care diagnostics. Lab-on-a-chip. The first successful product was Countess, the world’s first personal cell counter. Then, JuLI, a live cell viewer breaks the space restrictions and realizes lab-free life for bio researchers by WiFi remote control. NanoEnTek offers a range of cell counting systems and cell imagers, chip-based IVD systems, as well as their C-chip disposable Hemocytometer.

Tools for Cell Counting and Imaging

JuLI Range of Systems for Cell Imaging and History Recording

  • JuLI Br Live Cell Brightfield Imaging system
  • JuLI Br Counting Live Cell Brightfield Cell Counting system
  • JuLI FL Live Cell Fluorescent and Brightfield Imaging systems
  • JuLI Stage Real-Time Cell History Recorder – in-incubator

Disposable Plastic Hemocytometers

  • C-Chip Disposable Hemocytometers
  • S-Chip Disposable Counting Chamber for Sperm
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