ChromoTek, now a part of Proteintech inc.,  pioneered the development and commercialization of Nanobody-based research reagents. They are the global market and product leader for high quality and reliable Nanobody-based reagents, which assist our customers’ research. In addition, ChromoTek is a trusted service provider of custom-made Nanobodies for the pharmaceutical industry.

Antibodies/ IgGs

Monoclonal & polyclonal primary antibodies


Intracellular VHHs for life cell analysis

F2H Cellular assays

Reversible analysis of protein-protein interactions

Nano-Boosters & Nano-Labels

High resolution and tissue-penetrating

Affinity purification resins

Immobilization and Capture of antibodies

High resolution and reliable results

Affinity beads for immunoprecipitation

Nanobodies/ VHHs
Unconjugated primary camelid antibodies

Proteins, Peptides & Accessories
Spin columns & blocked beads for preclearing in IPs

High resolution and reliable results

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